What is online physiotherapy/ telehealth  

Consultations can be made while you are at home. We can  assess and diagnose your problem and guide and educate you. Exercise and self management strategies can be delivered to you online, so you don't have to come to the clinic.


Physiotherapy isn't just about hands-on therapy. When you attend our clinic one of the treatment goals is to transition  patients toward self management so that they can become in control of their physical health.


Remote, online video consultations are a great option for patient’s who are not able to access the clinic.

What you need for Online Physiotherapy:

  •  a smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer with a video camera

  •  email address

Online Physio provides:

  •  an explanation of what your problem is and whether it is important to have it assessed in further detail at our physical     location

  •  ongoing education, advice and exercise progression 

  •  guidance on your exercise technique and  treatment program


How does it work


  • video consultations are hosted by a video conferencing program, which is internet secure.

  • you will get an invitation to join the consultation via email . When you click the link it will take you to a payment gateway


  • Your consultation  will then start


Can I claim Online Physiotherapy sessions under my private health fund?

  •  Please check with your specific provider to see if telehealth for physiotherapy is covered.

        The Australian government is currently working on cover for DVA and Medicare clients under Telehealth service.